There are 2 ways that you can record calls on our system.

Always having it on or Allowing Recording on specific calls.

First you have to enable call recording on the extension. To do so you need to log into the portal by going to either: or

Enter in the initial password. This password will be given to you by a North West VoIP Representative. If you're unsure, send in a ticket to the support team asking for the password.

This Authentication is usually a Few and far between process and is meant for security purposes. You may not always have to sign into this part.

The second login spot looks like below:



As noted above The Login is your Extension Number (eg 69501) Normally this is a 5 digit entry. However it should usually always end with a 1. If your extension does not end in a 1 and you can't login. Add a 1 to the end of the Login (Username)

The password is your normal VM box password. If you're unsure send in a request to

Once you're logged in you will be faced with a few options:

First of you will need to adjust the settings. Click on settings and you will find the following settings:

You will see the option Call Monitor Settings with two sets:

Record INCOMING and Record OUTGOING with radio buttons:

- Always Always Record

-Never Never Record

-On-Demand On the phone during the call you can press *1 and it will record

This is where you will set the recording options. Either choose Always or On Demand. From there once you have it set it and you choose update you can now record the calls. To listen to the calls you will need to choose the Call Monitor Option on the left hand side. Once in there you will see a list of all the calls to and from that extension. On the far right hand side you will see a column named Monitor.

Here is where you can listen to the call should you have the right Java Plug-in. Or download it and save it as a .wav file. You can listen to the call from start to finish (Or in the case of On-Demand, from the time you press *1 on the call)

If you have any issue's logging in or listening to the calls contact to have your issue resolved.