Getting Started

At Northwest Voip we're always looking for ways to offer our clients competitive advantages and unified communications with video conferencing is way we do that. We employ the Jitsi-Meet video conferencing platform because it offers our clients the following features:

  • High resolution video, with the ability to downscale to fit your bandwidth needs.
  • Hi definition audio.
  • Moderator screen sharing allowing you to present web casts.
  • In session chat and private chat.
  • The ability to invite users into the conference via the plain old telephone system. No computer required.
  • The ability to share YouTube videos while in session.

To get started got to . Log in using credentials supplied to you by Northwest Voip support. Once you're logged in you'll see the following page:

Here you can type in a title for your meeting or you can use one of the random titles provided.

Basic Functions: 

  • To mute or un-mute your mic, press the mic button:  
  • To end your session press the red handset button:
  • To stop your video feed press the video camera button:
  • To share the conference web address with someone press the exclamation mark button:

Advanced Functions:

Invite someone to your conference via telephone:

  • Press the plus button to the left of the exclamation mark button. The system will then ask you to enter a phone number. You can enter multiple numbers.

Click on the telephone button to complete the call and add the person to your conference.

Coming soon: How to share your screen and chat..