Northwest Voip has always prided itself in delivering a flexible telephone solution for its customers. During times of uncertainty or natural disaster you may need to send staff to work from different locations. Below are some options and strategies that can be employed with the Northwest Voip hosted pbx system.

Simply Take Your Phone Home or Off-Site 

If you have a phone that has its own power supply, ie it gets its power from a brick plugged into the wall, you simply take your phone home or off-site. When at your new location you will need to use a network cable to plug your phone into the router at your new location. Your phone should join the new network and connect to the Norhtwest Voip hosted pbx platform retaining your extension information and voicemail.

If your phone draws power directly from the network switch at your current location you will need to purchase a power supply for your phone in order to take it off site. Contact support to find out which power supply is right for your phone. If you cannot purchase a power supply you will need to consider a soft phone.

Deploying A Soft-Phone

A soft phone is a software application either for your desktop or mobile device that acts as a replacement for your desk phone. A desktop (PC) soft phone application will require a computer headset and microphone. Once installed the soft-phone will be linked to your desk phone extension and you will be able to make and take calls as if you were at the office. 

Northwest Voip recommends the Bria soft phone from Counterpath. Northwest Voip can automatically provision and deploy a Bria soft phone, however there is an additional fee of $4.99/month for the desktop application and $3.99/month for the mobile application. These are fee's levied by Counterpath for licensing of their product.  

Northwest Voip Bria Softphone

Other Strategies For Working Off-Site

Northwest Voip allows users to call froward phones to outside numbers such as cell phones or remote phones. Users can froward their phones through the user portal or by dialing *72 from their office handset. Dial *73 to de-activate call forwarding.

Voicemail to email is an option to stay on top of missed calls. If you don't already have it set up Northwest Voip support can set up your voicemail messages to be transcribed and sent to you via e-mail. A link to an audio stream will also be sent. 

Checking voicemail remotely. You can check your voicemail remotely by calling your phone, waiting for your voicemail message and then pressing * . You will then be prompted for your password and can then check your messages. 

Reception transfer to cell phones. You may choose to designate a receptionist who can then transfer calls directly to your cell phone. the Northwest Voip platform allows for transferring calls out of the system.

An automated forwarding auto attendant or IVR. You may wish to have calls go directly to an auto attendant that then gives the caller options that then forward to your teams cell phone. 

If you wish to discuss any of these options further please contact us at