Setup Voicemail and Record a Greeting

  1. In the Teams app, click your Profile Picture, click Settings, and click Calls.
  2. In the Voicemail section, click Configure voicemail.
  3. To record a new voicemail greeting, click Record a greeting and follow the prompts to record your message.

Checking Voicemail on Your Computer

  1. On the left side menu, click Calls.

  2. Click Voicemail.

    select voicemail 
  3. Click a message in your list, and use the playback controls to listen to the recording or read a transcript (if it's available).

    voicemail list

For more information on checking your voicemail, check out the Microsoft article.

Checking Voicemail on Your Mobile Device

  1. Swipe up to display menu options, and tap Calls.
  2. Click the Voicemail tab.

    main call page 
  3. Select a voicemail from the list.
    voicemail list