With a Single W60B

  1. Hold down the Connect button on the base until the top light of the three green lights starts blinking.
    w60b connect
  2. On the handset, there should be a message that states "Unregistered!". Press the button on the bottom left of the screen labeled Reg.
    reg button
  3. With the base in pairing mode, the handset with search for it, and attempt to connect automatically.
    searching for w60b
  4. Upon success, the phone will display a message confirming successful registration.
    handset subscribed

With Multiple Base Stations

  1. Press the OK button on the handset to open the phone's main menu.
    ok button
  2. Navigate to Settings and press OK.
  3. In settings, navigate down to Registration (or press 6 on the dialpad).
  4. Navigate to Register Handset.
    register handset
  5. On the Yealink Base, hold down the Connect button until the top green light starts flashing.
    w60b connect
  6. Select the next empty Base #.
    replace base
  7. Wait for the Searching dialog to complete.
    searching for w60b
  8. Press OK on the Subscribe Base screen, followed by your pin (default is 0000).
    subscribe base
  9. You should now be paired with the additional base.
    handset subscribed