How to Log In

The Northwest Voip web portal can be accessed directly from the Northwest Voip web site. Please ask your Northwest Voip support rep for the login URL . Once at the site choose support from the menu on the right hand side, you should then see an option called "customer portal". When you click on this link the Northwest Voip web portal will open in a new browser windows prompting you to log in.

You may log in using the your local extension and appending it with a “1”, eg. Extension 318 would login as 3181 .The password is the same as you voice-mail password.


Using The Northwest Voip web portal

The first page you will encounter will be the on line voicemail page. This page displays voicemails currently in your inbox, along with a time/date stamp, caller ID and the duration of the call.
You may play back the message by clicking on the play link in the message column. Note that you will need a computer with sound capability and speakers
From this page you may also archive voicemail to your Inbox sub folders by selecting the folder from the drop down menu and clicking on the "move to" button.

Call Monitor Page

By clicking "Call Monitor" from the left hand menu you will bring up the call monitor page.

This page shows a detailed account of your extensions incoming and outgoing calls. If you have elected to record calls, a "Play" link will be displayed in the "Monitor" Column allowing you to play the recorded call on your computer. Again you will need a computer with sound capability and speakers to play back recordings.
You may also delete your recordings by choosing the row with the far left check box, and clicking on the "delete" button.

Phone Features Page

You can access the phone features page by clicking on the link at the left hand menu .

This page allows you to enable call waiting (default) or do not disturb, by clicking the appropriate check box. You may also call forward your phone by using the appropriate fields. They are defined as follows:

  • Unavailable: If the phone is off-line calls will be forwarded.
  • Unconditional: all calls under any circumstances will be forwarded.
  • Busy: if the phone is on dnd phones will be forwarded.

You can commit these settings by clicking on the "Update" button.

WARNING: use these settings with caution as they affect the flow of your calls. Do not use if you are part of a ring or hunt group.

Follow Me

This feature is for advanced users, and is set up on an as needed basis. Contact Northwest Voip sales for more details.


This page can be accessed from the far right menu by clicking on the appropriate link.
This page allows you to control some of the features associated with the Northwest Voip system.  The voicemail password associated with your extension can be changed using the voicemail password field. 
The voicemail to e-mail fields are defined as follows:

  • E-mail notification enable: Enables e-mail notifications and optional delivery of voicemail messages.
  • E-mail Voicemail to: enter the e-mail address where you want e-mail notifications mailed to.
  • Pager Email Notification: enter the e-mail address of your paging system for voicemail notification.
  • E-mail voicemail as an attachment: click this to have the voicemail message sent as a wav file attachment.
  • Say caller ID in recording e-mailed: An announcement for the caller ID in the message.
  • Say envelope in recording emailed: An announcement of the time & date of the voicemail message.
  • Delete voicemail when e-mailed: E-mails will be deleted from your voicemail box when delivered via e-mail.
  • Audio format: Choose the quality of your voicemail message when delivered to your e-mail address. 

The call monitor settings set call recording for inbound and outbound calls. WARNING: all calls will be recorded until you de-activate recording.
Click on the update button to commit your changes.


It is important to log out of your session when done for security purposes.