A Voice Mail Greetings How To

Change/Record your voicemail greetings:

1)      Press the Button that has an envelope icon on it (voicemail button), or dial *97.

2)      Press Option 0 “Mail Options”

3)      Press 1 to record your  Standard  Greeting which is when you are not on the phone or away from your desk, this message will play for you.

4)      Press 2 to record your Busy Greeting which will only play if you are on the phone.

5)      Press 3 to Record your name which will play before any message about to be recorded.

6)      Press  4 to change your temporary greeting which will play in place of all your other greetings. It can be changed or deleted by going through all the steps to change your temporary greeting. However this time it will give you the option to change the greeting by pressing 1, or deleting the greeting by pressing 2.  

7)      Press 5 to change your 4 digit password

8)      Press the * to return to main menu