The Document contains a quick and easy way to Factory Reset your SPA525G phone.

Factory Reset on the SPA525G IP Phones


Factory reset SPA525G IP Phone. IP Phones are configured to factory reset if the user wants to start fresh on the device without any configuration on the IP Phones. It can also be used in case the IP Phone is not acting normally.

Factory Reset on the SPA525G IP Phones


Step 1. Press the Setup button on the phone. The Information and Settings menu appears.


Step 2. Use the navigation keys and scroll down to Device Administration. Press the Select softkey.


Step 3. In the Device Administration page, scroll down to Factory Reset option and press the Select key to factory reset the IP Phone.


Step 4. In the Factory Reset page, press OK soft key to confirm the factory reset of SPA525G or SPA525G2 IP Phone.