Voice mail is accessed in the Northwest Voip system through three separate mediums, standard voice prompts, the web, and e-mail.

Checking Voicemail from your phone

You can check voice-mail from your Northwest Voip phone by picking up the receiver, orĀ  speaker phone and pressing the voice-mail button on the front right hand side of your phone.

From this point you will be asked to enter your voice-mail password . Once your password is verified you will hear the voice-mail system announce how many new messages you have and what your options are.

  • Press 1 for new messages - Allows you to listen to new messages
  • Press 2 to change folders - Allows you to change into a different mailbox folder, such as old messages, saved messages, etc.
  • Press 3 for advanced options - Reserved for future use
  • Press 0 for mailbox options - Sends you to the menu for changing your password and greeting.
  • Press * for help - Repeats the menu
  • Press # to exit - Hangs up the call.
  • While listening to messages you will be presented with the following options:
    Press 3 for advanced options - Reserved for future use.
  • Press 5 to repeat the message - Replays the current message.
  • Press 6 for the next message - Advances to the next message.
  • Press 7 to delete the message - Deletes the current message.
  • Press 8 to forward the message - Allows you to forward the current message to another extension. You may also prepend the message to explain the reason for forwarding.
  • Press 9 to save this message - The current message will be saved in the saved messages folder.