Checking Voicemail

From Your Phone

You can access your voicemail box from your phone by either pressing the voicemail button on your phone or by entering the following:

*97To access that extensions voicemail from the extension or the voicemail button
*98To access any extensions voicemail
*99[ext]To access a specific extension voicemail

When prompted enter your password and then the # button.

You will be prompted with the number of new messages you currently have waiting. To listen to new messages press 1. 

After listening to your message you will be prompted with the following options:

2To save the message
5To return the call. This will dial the number that left the message
7Delete the message
8Forward the message to another extension
9Forward the message to your email

To record and manage your greetings and password dial 5 for advanced options, and choose from these options.

 Main Menu
press 5For advanced options
 Advanced Options
press 1Record a greeting
press 2Choose a greeting
press 3Record name
press 6Change password
press 0For main menu

From The Web Interface

log into the web interface. From the task bar menu select Apps and then Voicemail, or from the dashboard

Select the extension in which you would like to review messages, and click on "messages" 

From here you can play your message, download, or delete .