To provision a phone on the Crimxen PBX platform you will need to log into your G2 web interface. You will then need to go to the top menu bar and choose Accounts => Devices. 

To add your phone make a note of the model number and the MAC address. After you have made a note of the model and MAC click on the plus icon at the top right of the list. You'll then see a form, fill out the following fields:

MAC Address: Enter the MAC address of the phone.

Label: Enter an arbitrary label for the phone.

Template: Choose the phone make and model from the drop down list .

Device: Enter a username and password for the web gui of the phone.

Description: Enter a description to help identify the phone. Usually an extension number.

Once completed, click on the "SAVE" button.

Once you have completed those steps go to the menu bar and choose Accounts => Extensions. When you see the list of extensions choose the extension that you want assign to the phone. On the device provisioning line choose the Mac address of the phone you want to assign to the extension.


Once you have chosen the appropriate MAC address press "SAVE". You can then check and make sure that the extension has been populated in the the Devices by choosing Accounts => Devices and then choose the device that you have just assigned via the extension menu. Check to make sure that the "Lines" have been populated with the proper extension details. 

Once that is complete you will need to setup the phone for provisioning.

Set Up a Yealink Phone

To set up a Yealink phone, push the "OK" button at the center of the phone and make sure of the IPv4 address of the phone. You can then open a browser of your choice on the same network and enter the IP address of the phone in the browser bar. Once completed you should see the login page for the web gui of the phone. Log in with the credentials provided by the manufacturer. 

Once logged in go to the "Settings" tab. Once in the "Settings" Tab, on the left hand menu click on the "Auto Provision" option.

Once on the "Auto Provision" page fill out the "Server URL" field with your domain suffixed with /app/provision/  eg the provisioning URL would be:  http://[YOUR CRIMXEN DOMAIN]/app/provision.

In the "Username" and "password field fill in the username and password provided to you by your Northwest Voip support representative. 

Once completed click on "Confirm" to save the settings and then when you're ready to configure the phone click on the "Auto Provision" button. You will see the red voicemail button flash and the phone should download its configuration and configure the phone. 

Set Up a Cisco SPA Phone

To set up a Cisco SPA phone Press the button that looks like a page with the corner folded over:

Once you've done that, select option 9 for network.

Make a note of the current IP address. Once you've done that open a browser of your choice and enter the following provisioning URL:

http://[LOCAL IP OF PHONE]/admin/resync?[--uid+[USERNAME PROVIDED BY SUPPORT]+--pwd+[PASSWORD PROVIDED BY SUPPORT]+]http://[YOUR CRIMXEN DOMAIN]/app/provision/?mac=$MA

Where the following apply:

[LOCAL IP OF PHONE] Is the local Ip of your phone as noted above.

[USERNAME PROVIDED BY SUPPORT] Is the provisioning username provided by Northwest Voip support.

[PASSWORD PROVIDED BY SUPPORT] Is the provisioning password provided by Northwest Voip support.

[YOUR G2 DOMAIN] Is the domain used for your G2 instance. 

Once completed you should see the phone reboot and configure itself.

DHCP Option 66

If you have a large amount of phones to configure and have access to your organizations DHCP server, add option 66 to your DHCP scope and add the appropriate provisioning URL as text value. Any phone then plugged into the network should provision automatically.