To provision a Grandstream phone you must fist enter the http config server path either by setting it as DHCP option 66 or by entering the GUI of the phone and entering the config server path and cofig method.

To enter the config server path via the web GUI, please make a note of the local ip address. You can get the IP address information by pressing the menu button on the phone (or the centre button of the arrow keys) and navigate to Status=>Network Status=> and make a note of the IPv4 address. From there enter the address into the address bar of your favorite web browser. 

When prompted enter the admin credentials for your phone. Netx navaigate to the "Upgrade and Provisioning" option under the maintenance menu.

On the "Upgrade and Provisioning" page navigate to the "Config" section and locate the following fields:


In the "Config Upgrade Via" field select "HTTP"

In the "Config Server Path" Field enter the domain provided to you via your support team with a trailing /app/provision at the end of the line. 

In the username and password field please use the username and password provided to you by support for provisioning.

When complete either reboot or press the "Provision link at the top of the screen.